WV Senate Race, where the only choice for change is the Mountain Party

Back in the wild and wonderful hills and hollers of West Virginia, the United States Senate Race for the unexpired term of Senator Robert C. Byrd is costing the corporate clowns millions of dollars. While our public airwaves are flooded by the constant noise pollution of the corporate party candidates, the people are growing tired of the John Raese – Joe Manchin look-alike contest. Not in quite a long time has the choice between the two “main stream” party candidates been so difficult to tell apart. Both John Raese and Joe Manchin support giving tax cuts to the rich while making working people pay tolls for what should be free public services. Neither John Raese or Joe Manchin care if corporations have to follow any laws. Both heads of this political monster support mountain top removal and in fact, both men will be nothing more than rubber stamps for the business as usual climate of corporate corruption which has set America back over 100 years.
On the other hand, West Virginia can change the game of politics in these United States and elect an independent 3rd party candidate who is not owned by corporations and supports campaign finance reform. West Virginia can elect a candidate who believes the people and our heritage are more important than profits. Mountain Party candidate Jesse Johnson will put people, jobs and our quality of life first, not profits and pollution.
It is also a fact that when the Mountain Party candidate, Jesse Johnson, becomes the next U.S. Senator from West Virginia on November 2, the people will be represented by the only candidate running for this office who actually supports the working people above the special interests. CEO John Raese and CEO Joe Manchin are like evil twins of corporate corruption. There will be no difference for the people of West Virginia if either one Manchin or Raese wins this special election. Mountaineers are always free, but John Raese and Joe Manchin will make sure we remain the lowest paid work force in the nation, the least educated, the most polluted and in return they will continue to kick back with the silver spoons in their mouths, while working people slave away at two or three jobs because the wages are so low and the prices so high.
A Mountain Party win, however, will set off a sweeping historic shift in this country, where all of the energy of the entire nation will be focused on West Virginia. Jesse Johnson will serve the people of West Virginia by being a beacon of hope, a spokesman for our most valuable resource our people. Compare the work of Jesse Johnson who has tirelessly promoted corporate responsibility and economic justice for all while the Democrat and Republican candidates have track records proving they will only serve their dark corporate masters. Pink marble driveways and party tents are not the symbols of working people and the people of West Virginia are tired of the robber barons and out of state exploitation which John Raese and Joe Manchin represent.
Only a Mountain Party win has the potential to make all of the forces in the nation rally to win the approval of our independent Senator. West Virginia has the chance to be first this November, to lead the nation in the celebration our democracy, free from the corruption of out of state money. With the News reports that indicate that more than 13 Million dollars have been spent by the corporations and their political parties on political advertising in West Virginia to offer the people what they want us to believe is a choice between one of the corporations two evils. West Virginia has a real choice in 2010 and that choice is the Mountain Party, a refreshing difference which the republican and democratic candidates for this senate seat do not offer.
On November 2, 2010, the people of West Virginia will take back our democracy and make history. All of the eyes of America will shine on West Virginia and for the first time in a long time, the nation will remember why Senator Byrd inspired this nation to care about our people and the constitution which sets us above the tyrant nations and despot sweat shops which John Raese and Joe Manchin represent.

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