How to show solidarity with Wisconsin’s governor

How to show solidarity with Wisconsin’s governor
By Pat LaMarche
Posted Feb. 22, 2011, at 7:49 p.m.

I’m certain that supporters of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker would not want to be hypocrites.

After all, isn’t that why they support the United States’ least educated governor? Because he’s a straight-talking, shoot from the hip kind of guy who says he’ll do something and then does it. Unless you count college.

He said he was going and then didn’t finish. That’s OK, lots of dropouts do very well for themselves. It’s nice to see that the governor managed to land on his feet.

I can’t find any reason he ever gave for not finishing. Maybe it was the high cost of his education. He went to a prestigious private university; maybe he should’ve gone to a state school. It would’ve been a lot cheaper and perhaps less intellectually grueling if that was the problem.

But if you — like me — don’t mind a person who isn’t book educated, then you certainly are going to want to support him in a consistent fashion. And this is where you and I part company. I can’t stand most of what this guy believes so I’m able to keep things like my eight-hour workday.

I like labor unions and what their sacrifice has secured for me and mine. If you don’t like labor unions and you think holding the Wisconsin state workers hostage is good then here are a few of the things you should give up to show true solidarity with Walker.

First of all, if you’re on any kind of Social Security, stop cashing those checks. Labor unions are the reason we have Social Security. While you’re at it, call the feds and find a way to pay back any benefit you’ve received above what you paid into the system.

Second, if you’ve got grade school age children or grandchildren, take them down to the employment office and sign them up for work. Maybe the GAP will bring some of those sweatshop jobs home as soon as you’re willing to take little Billy and Mary out of fourth grade and make them useful. What? Don’t want your grand-kids sewing the pants together for some rich kid’s fanny? Well, you must be anti-business.

Third, go to work and volunteer to be injured. Without OSHA — and the unions that brought us OSHA — there would be twice as many injured workers at your workplace. Surely you wouldn’t want one of the people who support the unions to be the additional injured worker; that just wouldn’t be fair!

Heck, you really want to let Walker know what a great job you think he’s doing when he threatens the Wisconsin taxpayer with higher debt if they don’t end collective bargaining in the workplace? Volunteer to be one of the additional employees who die at work. That’d really make the point!

I wonder what Walker majored in when he attended that little bit of college. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t math. If he had, they’d have made him take logic.

Come to think of it, maybe that is what happened. Maybe he dropped out of college because he flunked logic. Well, that would make sense.

Walker is saying that he needs to eliminate the collective bargaining by state workers because he wants to save money. And he’s also saying that he can renegotiate the state’s debt and save taxpayers millions. But then he’s insisting that he won’t renegotiate the state’s debt unless he gets the workers to give up their right to organize.

Walker’s actions prove he doesn’t care about the taxpayer. But his supporters could prove they do by writing a check to the treasurer of the state of Wisconsin, and doing it soon before they lose the minimum wage the unions got for them.

Walker could save taxpayers millions simply by purchasing money at a lower interest rate; an interest rate that has been negotiated to benefit the state. But he won’t do it unless he can stop state employees from negotiating on their own behalf.

If it seems impossible to follow that’s because it’s illogical — or as we laypersons call it -— stupid.

Pat LaMarche of Yarmouth is the author of “Left Out In America:

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