Wonder Woman Back On Talk Radio

Those who have missed our UpTheHoller contributing author Pat LaMarche’s presence on the audio airwaves lo these many years should note that her return is being heralded on a spankin’ new network run by award winning author and philanthropist Stephen King.

In case Up The Holler followers across Appalachia own radios but the can’t quite pick up broadcasts from the northern most part of the Appalachian Mountains (Maine) they should still seriously consider using their internet connections to tune in because Pat’s a trueblue friend of the progressive community (as evidenced in her written contributions to this blog). PLUS, she’s a dedicated and powerful force for Truth, Justice, and the American Way!


FYI.. Patricia Helen “Pat” LaMarche abandoned her talkradio day job to run as the Green Party’s Green Party Vice Presidential candidate.

Below is a youtube video of Stephen King announcing the launch of the all-new Pulse Morning Show with Pat LaMarche and Don Cookson. The show will be airing every weekday from 6AM – 10AM starting Monday, September 12, so mark your calendars.

View pt 2 of this rare appearance by author Stephen King at this link.

and pt 3…

From the show’s FACEBOOK page…

Pat LaMarche is bringing her high-energy style and keen political insights back to your radio! LaMarche spent nearly two decades as a journalist and award winning broadcaster reporting general news and emphasizing poverty issues both in the U.S. and abroad. She took to the streets to uncover the lives of the homeless in what she called the “Left Out Tour” when she traveled the nation living in homeless shelters and on the streets. The book she wrote about those experiences is called, “Left Out in America; the State of Homelessness in the United States.” She’s been a candidate for the office of Governor in Maine as a member of the Maine Green Independent Party in 1998 and again in 2006.

LaMarche also campaigned across the country as the vice-presidential candidate for the Green Party of the United States in 2004, drawing international attention for her innovative campaign methods featuring an unprecedented level of interactivity and a strong web presence. LaMarche’s outspoken political opinions and strong advocacy for the poor have made her a much sought-after public speaker and regular contributor to The Huffington Post, one of the most popular political websites in the world.

Don Cookson co-hosts with LaMarche, bringing his unique perspectives and highly inquisitive nature to bear on hot-button issues of the day. Cookson spent several years as a reporter covering central and eastern
Maine and as producer for a politically-oriented morning drive talk show prior to a stint working within state government as communications director for Maine’s Secretary of State. His insights into the nature of media coverage, coupled with an insider’s understanding of how government agencies strive to manage public perception allow him to cut directly to the heart of the matter.

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