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  • Report by One Citizen – Charleston, WV
    Through the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council (“ALEC“), global corporations are now rewriting state laws right alongside your state legislators. And they’re doing it behind closed doors.

    ALEC‘s so-called “model bills” reach into almost every aspect of American life and are crafted specifically to benefit huge corporations. Thus ALEC grants corporations “a VOICE and a VOTE” on specific changes to laws which are then proposed in each state.

    In a letter to his friend George Logan back in 1816, Thomas Jefferson anguished over the dire threat of corporations overwhelming our democracy, writing:

    “I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.” -source

    There can be little doubt that Jefferson’s dream of preserving democracy in America has diminished, considering the recent economic depression Americans have been suffering through as compared to the vast amount of wealth accrued by our aristocracy The shift in our national wealth is primarily due to radical changes in our national laws. To further strengthen their control over our individual lives, a globally-funded version of what Jefferson recognized as an “aristocracy of moneyed corporations” has been writing state laws for state legislators all across the country.

    Thanks to ALEC, our people-powered democracy now faces one of the most serious challenges ever in US history.

    While ALEC is only one part of an overall national strategy, it is important to recognize ALEC as the execution tentacle of the so-called “conservative” political power-for-profit environment (a.k.a “the vast right wing conspiracy”). Funded by mega-wealthy ideologues and right wing organizations, its roots can be traced to the Council for National Policy and the Heritage Foundation, where ALEC still has close ties, and where its leaders have long been working on a national strategy to fight their ‘revolution’ in the individual States. Including our own Great State of West Virginia.

    Proof that ALEC‘s been working its behind-the-scene magic right here in WV since 2009 may be found in the following quote of a Beckley Herald Dispatch article by Taylor Kuykendall of The Register-Herald (Beckley, WV.)

    The American Legislative Exchange Council, a nonpartisan organization of legislators, “which favors federalism and conservative” policy, announced a guide for “confronting EPA’s anti-energy agenda.”

    The guide, “EPA’s Regulatory Train Wreck,” is intended to be a tool for legislators to draft legislation affecting the EPA.”

    An ALEC news release regarding the report warned the EPA is enforcing “command-and-control regulations on everything from greenhouse gas emissions from oil refineries to the chemicals in plastic bottles.”

    According to Kuykendall’s same Associated Press article,

    The report focuses on fossil fuels, particularly coal, but the news release states that is only a subsection of the “emerging regime” the EPA is forming.

    Although it’s rather odd that this local AP report never utilized ALEC‘s acronym (which is, after all, far more memorable than the group’s actual name and takes up far less space on the page), the most suspicious feature regarding that AP article is that after conducting a thorough online search of their archives it was discovered that the aforementioned article never ran in either the print edition of the Charleston Daily Mail OR the Gazette!

    West Virginia long been recognized as having some of the poorest counties in the U.S. Rural folks in those counties will be the worst affected if the EPA lifts regulations over polluting industries. Those who fund ALEC along with the politicians who conspire to pass and implement ALEC‘s proposals are the most likely to benefit. It’s just that simple.

    Coincidentally, those West Virginians whose health will be the most adversely affected due to economic conditions very likely eith rely on dial-up modems or else can’t afford internet service. For them, reading on the internet about the political ramifications of letting a predatory group like ALEC influence their local political leaders is difficult, if not nearly impossible. On the other hand, while those who live at the state’s capital likely access their local newspaper via computer, that Kuykendall’s article never actually linked directly to the Charleston Daily Mail from its own website means that Charleston locals were essentially prevented from learning about ALEC when Kuykendall first reported it.

    So even though in retrospect, now it LOOKS like the Daily Mail both published and distributed Kuykendall’s article, his politically-charged piece actually never appeared in either of the State Capital’s newspapers.


    Could this be still more evidence that ALEC‘s mega-wealthy puppetmasters wield undue influence over the editors of our locally-owned media? And isn’t this yet another confirmation of a stealthy strategy to keep certain politically important news from reaching the state’s entire populous?

    While you’re pondering those questions, please consider WHAT OUR CORPORATE-OWNED MEDIA FLATLY FAILS TO REPORT:

    A cursory review of ALEC’s content materially reveals a strategy to divide America into nation-states, cancel out our national democratic system by politically mutating our traditional capitalism into its own feudal corporatocracy.
    Get more informed about ALEC at this link. And then be sure to sign the petition to “primary” one of WV’s best known snakes in the grass at this link.

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