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Push-Polldefinition: political campaign technique in which an individual or organization attempts to influence or alter the view of respondents under the guise of conducting a poll. (a.k.a. “PPP”) is by no means a renegade outfit. In West Virginia, PPP’s polls use essentially the same dubious methodology* as most every other pollster that’s conducted political surveys in the Mountain State for the last eleven years! The list of push-pollsters include nationally recognized corporations such as Zogby, Gallup, and Harris.

Their devious methodology is so specific and its use so widespread that for over a decade, in all but one exception, every political survey of likely West Virginia voters has been nothing more than a scam. Their methodology is only the slightest variation on the classic propaganda technique known as push polling.

The real damage to our democratic system hasn’t been due to any single set of statistics produced by the bad faith canvassing alone. It’s been the fault of the many news organizations which, year after year, uniformly choose to publish their push-pollster’s freshly tailored misinformation.

After over ten (10!) years of WV’s Mountain Party running candidates in key races, in all but one poll, every nationally recognized polling firm has eliminated Mountain Party candidates from their surveys.

However the real scandal is that instead of properly reporting the polling industry’s systemic misdirection as the giant scam that it is, editors of our local and our national media publish the duplicitous results, knowingly misrepresenting the statistics as being fair and accurate.

If pimping those push polls isn’t an anti-democratic conspiracy, then it surely demonstrates that true journalism died long ago, at least within our corporate-owned media. After almost a dozen years certainly one maverick journalist would have attempted to expose the publication of these polls as trickery, if not by his or her own agency then at least by a rival media organization. Some watchful editor would surely have by now recognized these push polls as strategically calculated hokum and refused to run it.

Instead, they’ve all chosen to participate in an interminable con game by tagging it “political research” and then passively watched as push poll results were perennially publicized for the purpose of misportraying West Virginia’s corrupt corporate-owned monolithic machine as if it was actually a “two party system”.

Despite their best attempt to put an end to it, we mountaineers still proudly support our democratic (small d) THREE PARTY SYSTEM.


“PPP is best known for putting out highly accurate polling on key political races across the country, but we also do affordable private research for candidates and organizations.”

UPTHEHOLLER.COM conducts its own poll about PUSH-POLLING.

When “surveyed” for this article regarding his opinion of the long-standing push poll technique that’s commonly published at his locale, one randomly selected properly informed West Virginia voter volunteered the following wry observation:

“PPP … er, what’s that stand for again? Piss Poor Polling?”

The difference between the methodology used by professional pollsters and the one used in our survey is that every voter we polled had been properly informed by the survey question itself. So unlike the results touted by the “pros” which usually, in tiny writing at the bottom of their survey, admit that their poll has a likelihood of inaccuracy, our report clearly has a statistical accuracy of 100 percent.

Our one survey question randomly asked of one likely voter was:

“How can any political poll accurately reflect the will of all likely voters when the poll itself does not include every viable candidate?”

Answer (100 percent of the time):

It can’t!

In case you’re not familiar with the story behind this famous photo of former president-elect Harry Truman, it’s historic proof that the major media has, in the past, widely published and distributed the pre-supposed outcome of an election which was 100 percent wrong!

Instead of properly exposing the pollster’s trumped-up results as the politically biased subterfuge that it truly is, the news media systematically features tainted poll results without ever reporting that viable candidates were excluded. The most obvious reason it negates the veracity of both the pollsters and the media that pimps their product is because here in West Virginia there are nearly 200,000 voters registered as Independent, a statistically significant bloc that is growing at a far faster rate than either that of Democrats or Republicans.

How many Independents would have considered registering Mountain Party if they’d only known about it when they first registered?

Nonetheless, as more people have become aware that there is a legitimate third party choice (despite the obvious intent of the push-pollsters), in each successive election the number of crossover votes from all blocs to Mountain Party candidates has grown enormously.

Proof of Conspiracy

Since the Mountain Party is the only party to have maintained its right to legitimate full ballot access, and has done so for over ten years, there can be no plausible explanation why any professional pollster would choose to exclude its candidates in poll after poll except to push the myth of a two party system.

This polling trick is insidiously crafted for the purpose of systematically pushing each and every one of the two so-called “major party” candidates over whoever the Mountain Party chooses. Due to its repeated and widespread use prior to many elections over time by professionals who should, by all rights, have known better, there can be but little doubt that it is an intentional abuse of power by the mainstream media What’s not so obvious is the reason behind this corporate conspiracy to dupe the public at large.

COMING SOON: Part 2 will be focused on exposing why this scam is a conspiracy and not a theory. Also exposed will be details of the most disturbing WV push poll of all, and how the academic institution that pimped it played a major role during WV’s last election.


*To check out a typical example of one recent two-party push poll, click on this link. To view the skewed results of a whole slew of PPP surveys that purposefully left out Mountain Party candidates, click here.

Back in 1995 the National Council on Public Polls issued a Press Warning which reads (in part),

“…A “Push Poll” is a telemarketing technique in which telephone calls are used to canvass vast numbers of potential voters, feeding them false and damaging “information” about a candidate under the guise of taking a poll to see how this “information” effects voter preferences. In fact, the intent is to “push” the voters away from one candidate and toward the opposing candidate. This is clearly political telemarketing, using innuendo and, in many cases, clearly false information to influence voters; there is no intent to conduct research.

“These telemarketing techniques damage the electoral process in two ways. They injure candidates, often without revealing the source of the information. Also, the results of a “Push Poll”, if released, give a seriously flawed and biased picture of the political situation. source

editor’s note -The repetitious and widespread distribution of interminable push polling to WV’s public likely has never been addressed until this report. The reason is obviously because those directly guilty for this scandal are corporate gatekeepers, which makes it highly unlikely that you’ll ever see this conspiracy reported in the mainstream news. Yet the damage they’ve already done and most probably will continue to do to our political system is incalculable. However, thanks to the natural savvy of the proud citizens here in the Mountain State, their Mountain Party not only lives on but continues to grow.

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