Seriously, can we talk about how “we” keep screwing up?

Well, another WV “Special Election” just came and went, and we’ve already returned back to the same old tired routine of business as usual. Since enough time has now passed after the election for the dust to have settled a bit, and Earl Ray’s now comfortably re-installed, we need to figure out how and why we keep stuck with these same anti-populist archetypes.

After all Tomblin never even tried to hide that he ran WV under the close counsel and protection of Joey Manchini, aka Tomblin’s Capo di tutti capi

Don’t get me wrong, here. I’m not blaming you for Tomblin’s win any more than I would have for Maloney’s, had he have pulled it off. Manchin, Tombin and Maloney are all from essentially the same rotten bolt of cloth. I doubt if anyone really believes that there would have been much noticeable difference in the future of the state had the Republican candidate won, mainly because neither of the two major parties have any incentive to promote a candidate that will rightfully represent the best interests of the average West Virginia voter. Both major parties are far too beholden to big money.

“Corporate cash is virtually all that our politicians care about,” writes Lawrence R. Velvel, Dean of the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover. Velvel believes that both major political parties “have gotten too used to the ethically crooked, morally criminal ways of our system, (and) cannot even envision serious change in the political and electoral system.”

So instead of scolding you for voting for either Maloney or Tomblin, I’ll just blame you for not having voted straight-ticket for the Mountain Party. Proof that that’s more than likely true is because this last election fewer West Virginians voted for the Mountain Party’s gubernatorial candidate than just about any other time in the past. Yet most all of us by now truly understand that the Decepticon/Reptilicrat Corporate unified Party government for who it represents. So when we still vote for one of their stooges, then we are actively guilty of being the very problem we know that we need to resolve!

Fortunately, the solution to the problem of our loss of self-governance is relatively simple. We can solve it by stop being frightened into bailing out the two-party state by thinking that the Tweedle “D” candidate is going to represent us any better than Tweedle “R” and vote straight ticket Mountain Party.

Even if we have to suffer thru one term of a Republican governor you should think of your Mountain Party vote as your way of protesting against being dragged back to the bad old days of pure corporate rule.

I’ve been here long enough to know that while during the election most Republican candidates for governor have never turned out as bad as the Democrats portrayed them, the Democrats have always turned out to be far worse leaders than their party would ever admit.

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