Occupy Wall Street’s New TV Ad

The Occupy Wall Street movement started out with a call to gather people to Wall Street on Sept. 17. That activity in New York’s financial district has not only continued for at least two months, it has spread around the country and even around he world. It’s been criticized by the corporate media for a lack of specific goals, primarily because in the original call there was a central demand for President Obama to form a presidential commission for the purpose of separating the influence of money from our representatives in Washington, D.C.

That goal directly threatens the media because campaign contributions from corporations happens to be a major income source for practically every media outlet in the U.S.

Recent studies show that across America, the candidate with the most money wins an astounding 94 percent of the time. Auctioning away our rights and protections are now a common practice of today’s politicians. It’s a class war tactic that sorely compromises our local media’s ability to report the truth. In many ways the situation is similar to the sociopolitical events that led up to the mine workers armed march to occupy Williamson, WV ninety years ago. During that era, laborers all over the U.S. protested their own local horrific conditions and eventually forced the government to intervene on their behalf.

Thanks to the internet, and despite today’s corporate media attempt to downplay the Occupy Wall Street goal, anyone who doesn’t know what Occupy Wall Street is all about simply doesn’t care enough to find out. The movement back towards democracy is long overdue in WV, as evidenced by the products of our broken political and judicial system.

FACT: WV has long been recognized as the 4th most resource-rich state in the nation

FACT: WV has the poorest counties in the nation, and they’re located where the highest grade metallurgical coal is being exported at record rates

FACT: WV’s unemployment rate soared above the national rate even as we were being poisoned and run out of our homes by giant fossil fuel industries under Joe Manchin and Earl Ray Tomblin -yet when the WV mainstream media broadly endorsed them both, it ignored their responsibility for those issues by avoiding addressing them altogether.

FACT: In the last election 75 percent of registered West Virginians voted for “none of the above” by not bothering to vote at all. It’s most likely because they no longer have faith in our political system.

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Directly involved in this pro-
test are those brave enough to stand
up for the 99 percent of us who have
been shafted under the present system.

The Occupy Charleston movement can now accept monetary donations. When donating through the following link please be sure to fill out the purpose text box with “Occupy Charleston Occupiers”. They have a long-established local non-profit outfit helping them accept your donations, thanks to WV Citizens Action Group

The link to donate is: http://www.wvcaef.org/donate/index.html

~OCWV has zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol anywhere on occupy site
~ Zero tolerance for violence or verbal abuse towards anyone;
~ Zero tolerance for abuse of personal or public property.
~ Smoking only in designated areas and outside of General Assembly
~ OCWV encourages all participants to respect health and sanitary regulations, and will direct all participants to respectfully utilize appropriate facilities.
~ OCWV will at all times have a community relations representative on-site, to monitor and respond to community concerns and complaints.

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At this link see the video of elite Wall Street onlookers sip champagne
and mock protestors passing below.

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