Connecting the Dots…

Corporate Media sees the Occupy movement as a threat, because we aim to change the status quo. The way it is now, politicians can spend huge amounts of Corporate Campaign Cash every election cycle, so Corporate Media thrives by helping elect corporate-owned politicians.

In only a few places is this incestuous relationship not so subtle. The most obvious is FoxNews, which openly supports corporatocracy.

One subtle way media supports the status quo is through the perennial publishing of push-polls which support the two party system to the exclusion of all others. For instance, I challenge anyone to find a so-called “scientific” poll that included a Mountain Party candidate, even though that party has maintained full ballot access for over a decade in West Virginia. Though you’ll never get them to admit it, newsroom editors purposely exclude the Mountain Party simply because it has always shunned corporate cash and called for cleaning up elections!

That’s not the only way the media works towards electing the best corporate panderer that money can buy. Right now it does so by downplaying the message of those who simply seek justice.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Just watch and you’ll see. Once the media realizes that its been outflanked by the internet and Twitter (like it did in Egypt), and the Occupy Movement suddenly becomes a MAJOR threat by exposing media’s campaign cash cow, newsroom editors will begin ignoring the Occupy Movement altogether. It will do so in exactly the same way as it has done to WV’s Mountain Party, and nationally to the Green Party, which, thanks to the media blackout MOST Americans don’t realize, revealed that George Bush rigged the elections in Ohio!

Can you cite even one instance where this importnt revelation ever was properly covered in the national media?

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