• Occupy Charleston WV re-lauches website, delegation marches on DC!


    Despite recent efforts to diminish the voice of We the PEOPLE by violently kicking members of our national movement out of public spaces all across the U.S., Occupy Charleston WV (“OCWV”) is still alive and doing just fine, thankyouverymuch.

    In a show of solidarity with the national Occupy Wall Street movement first National General Assembly in our nation’s capitol city, a delegation of 12 (TWELVE!) individuals from the Great State of West Virginia yesterday took part in numerous activities in Washington DC including, (its rumored) leading a “mike check” protest in front of the White House during the tree lighting ceremony!

    Back here in Charleston, since storm troopers for the banksters couldn’t legally disperse us because we had decided to headquarter on private property owned by the local AFL-CIO, our local rightwing media sent a team into our OccupyCharlestonWV encampment to try to dampen local public support by focusing a report on our problems and downplaying our collective determination to affect justice for the 99 percent.

    Although Daily Wail photographer/ Koch teabag stringer Bob Wojo focused his camera on our toilets and our rain-soaked campgrounds as reporter Hack Zarold intentionally ignored the determination of Occupiers throughout the camp, since their hit piece, support by the local public including area unions and churches has nonetheless been unwavering.

    That the national media picked up the overall negative spin from the weasel team from the Daily Wail wasn’t really a surprise given the tone of its op-eds lately, although certain details that Hack Z. left out were disappointing to the point of embarrassing.For HIM.

    Here’s why:

    Corporate-spun editorials and news pieces all fail to report that the public-at-large generally agrees with what the Occupy movement stands for. BTW Don’t fall for the results of their fake polls, because the corporate tools who write the poll scripts cleverly never ask the question that way.

    IF PROPERLY ASKED, the public-at-large will generally agree with what the Occupy movement stands for nationally because they REALIZE that 1 out of every 3 Americans are now either living in poverty or right next to it. Don’t take my word for it, read the facts at this link.

    Across West Virginia, the poverty is far worse because of our corrupt political system is widely accepted without comment by the corporate-owned media. Both work together to hide the fact that as a state we’ve long been considered the 4th richest when it comes to natural resources, yet here the poverty is rampant. And it is almost as well hidden by our local “Hacks” as is the disconnect from the draining of our resources by our local media’s corporate sponsors.

    That large numbers of Appalachians both in and out of our Occupier camps here in WV all suffer the standard problems associated with long term poverty is shocking only because it has been such a closely kept secret by the same “Hacks” (and Wojos) who are now striving, through the power of their corporate media, to kneecap those who’ve recently decided to demand a TRUE democratic society, and are actively doing so from our state’s capitol all the way to D.C.

    Regarding the setbacks encountered by our encampments as reported by these corporate tools, let the following Press Release from OccupyCharlestonWV speak for itself, although I’d wager you never caught anything about this PRESS RELEASE in your local media back when it was issued. It is also notable that although our Good Neighbor Policy was approved by consensus at our General Assembly months ago, it was by necessity personally hand delivered on the same date as the Press Release to the Mayor and City Council of Charleston, WV by Jesse Johnson due to the number of homeless and disaffected that were being herded to our camp by the local police.

    Date of Release: Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 10:56 AM Subject: City Police Coordination

    Last night at General Assembly there was an unconfirmed report that a member of the city police force had rousted some homeless and intoxicated citizens from Davis Square and told them that if they wanted to camp they needed to do it at our location.

    We fully understand the City of Charleston’s inability to cope with its rising numbers of homeless and disaffected citizens. Although we will not reject those less fortunate than most, we have already contacted the Mayor’s office to let him know that the Occupy Charleston community will not tolerate public intoxication in compliance with its established maxim of zero tolerance in compliance with our Good Neighbor Policy.


    Following respectful and good-faith dialogue with members of the local community, Occupy Charleston, WV hereby announces the following Good Neighbor Policy to ensure safety and awareness:

    ~ OCWV has zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol anywhere on occupy site
    ~ Zero tolerance for violence or verbal abuse towards anyone;
    ~ Zero tolerance for abuse of personal or public property.
    ~ Smoking only in designated areas and outside of General Assembly
    ~ OCWV encourages all participants to respect health and sanitary regulations, and will direct all participants to respectfully utilize appropriate facilities.
    ~ OCWV will at all times have a community relations representative on-site, to monitor and respond to community concerns and complaints.

    Original Date of Publication: October 23, 2011

    posted by OC
    Charleston, WV


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