U. S. Senator Joe Mandarin (D-WV) and His Friends of Sludge

Are these Chinese characters the real political power behind former WV governor Joe “Manslaughter” Manchin?

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, China was West Virginia’s eighth-largest export market in 2008, at $251 million, and fifth-largest in 2009 at $296 million. It just so happens that Manchin was leading a delegation to China at the same time that EnerSystems, his coal brokerage firm, was paying him more than he was making from his governor’s salary.

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2 Responses to U. S. Senator Joe Mandarin (D-WV) and His Friends of Sludge

  1. Jay Sullivan says:

    I don’t like Manchin, but I don’t like racist bigotry either. That cartoon is way over the line.

    • Up The Holler says:

      Mr. Sullivan, I acknowledge your empathy and appreciate your participation in this forum. Unfortunately your attempt at political correctness is ill informed at best. If you read the links provided and watched the youtube you would see that the names are accurate under that sketch. The couple depicted is wearing traditional ceremonial wedding outfits which are still popular in many parts of China. Although there has been some cultural “westernization” since Nixon visited China, indigenous couples who rent tuxedos and wear white flowing gowns to celebrate their nuptials are still in the extreme minority.

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