Verify your vote: DEMAND hand counted paper ballots.

Dear Friends

At the heart of the declared National Disaster in Charleston, WV where Freedom Industries poisoned the drinking water of 300,000 people is the “industry over people” voting record of the “elected” officials here in the state.

WV has had at least two federal investigations of the VOTING MACHINE frauds in its history. One in the 1970’s which resulted in conviction of the current governor’s father and another in the 1980’s when Congressman John Hutchinson called for an investigation of the machines.
Push Polling Paid For by the Charleston NewspapersInformed West Virginians DO NOT trust these machines and for good reason. When “elected” officials rely on voting irregularities to usher them into their positions, the result is the blatant disregard for the public health and safety and the outrageous consequences that have resulted from lack of proper regulatory enforcement of the extractive industries that have been killing the people of WV for decades.
It is time that WV went to hand counted paper ballots with Observers in the polls watching the counting process!!! Justice begins with bringing back the integrity of the vote!!!
Please share far and wide so that West Virginians can take back the integrity of the vote and can “flush out” the “contaminated elected officials” polluted by industry greed.  It is time for clean water and clean elections!!
 WV native and former WV state senator Charlotte Pritt is currently Chair of the Mountain Party. She quit the WV Democratic Party out of disgust for the political mercenaries who have turned her beloved state into a sacrifice zone for the extraction industries.
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