Never Normal Again

Weary of the national disaster in my backyard of Charleston which encompasses the lives of 300,000 West Virginians and the toxic unsafe, unusable water with which to drink, cook food, to keep basic sanitary conditions of my person and my home, weary of the toxic misinformation, slick spin doctors, and irresponsible politicians who don’t have the decency to admit the errors of their votes and correct them with new legislation that responds to the needs of the people rather than corporations, weary of my dirty hair and their dirty deals, weary to the bone of preventable and unforgivable consequences of corporate America run amuck with pathological greed, I rubbed my eyes this morning and heard myself moan “When will things ever get back to normal.” 

Then somewhere from my deep sleep and buried rage burst the realization that I NEVER want to get back to what has become “normal” in West Virginia!

I never want to get back to stifling the rage, I’ve felt at the stealing of our freedoms by the collusion of  controlled media markets and politicians spinning  out misinformation to keep the truth of corporations and their “crimes against the people of West Virginia” silenced, hidden, minimized.  I never want to tolerate the bastardization of the voting process by voter machine fraud, the Manchin/Moore political machine, and the unwillingness of elected officials to protect the sanctity of the vote.  I never want to get back to lady justice winking as enforcement  of the laws becomes a selective process by inspectors, police officers, judges, and local, state and federal prosecutors who are owned and controlled by corrupt political machines.

I never want to get back to trusting that politicians or corporate heads will be decent and respectful of the lives of the workers in West Virginia.  I never want to hold my tongue again when the privileged few minimize the sufferings of West Virginians in the mines, in the chemical plants, in the timbering industry and in the small communities throughout West Virginia who have endured abuse for decades from extractive industries’ poisonous spills, air emissions, landslides and unmonitored dangerous working conditions and threats to public safety.

I never want to hear  another politician or the Chambers of Commerce or privileged ones who have not, until the recent toxic chemical spill poisoning our water been the victims of corporate crime say, act or imply in any way that  ‘we need the jobs’ at any expense.  I never want to experience their selfish opinions:  not on the corrupt corporate media or the politically controlled public broadcasts “programming us with double speak, half-truths, and outright lies spouted by equally corrupt politicians and decision makers” and so called “community leaders” who try to brainwash us to believe that doing business means that people’s lives are expendable because they are too lazy to look at innovative job creation that preserves the beauty of our state and the safety of our people.

I never want to tolerate the obvious lack of due diligence on the part of our elected officials (Secretary of State, County Commission, County Clerk) entrusted with overseeing the sanctity of the voting process if they are too incompetent, lazy or controlled to read and watch the abundance of research on voter machine fraud and the high tech ways in which the voting process is being hijacked. While other countries, states, and counties are going to hand-counted paper ballots with observers in the polls, WV politicians are buying more machines with citizen tax dollars to ensure their reelection regardless of their outrageous voting records reflecting disregard of the public interest.  There are some elected officials so bold who are scampering to remove even the hand-counted canvassing of the vote this very legislative session! 

I NEVER want to go back to this Normal in West Virginia! I never want to allow them and their propagandizing lies to dehumanize others and desensitize me into thinking ever again that their diabolical normal is normal!

Charlotte Pritt, Chair of the Mountain Party of WV (Green Party affiliate)

Former Democrat WV Senator and House member

Former Democrat Gubernatorial Nominee WV


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