Some linguists contend that the word “holler” refers to a dialogic idiom created originally by mountain kin and neighbors as a reliable mechanism for transmitting important information. In rural locations folks would open up their door and yell or sing out something to celebrate important events. Up The Holler isn’t just a rural location, it’s way of imploring you to YELL LOUDER. This blog is that special place where real mountaineers* can rant freely amongst their Appalachian neighbors, both near and far, who truly care about our struggling communities. This site is a moral and politically progressive effort to alert, inform, educate, empower, and unite Appalachian-Americans against a corporate agenda to de-populate what the state’s current top political leader believes is an “extraction state“, a belief demonstrated via his predecessor’s greed-driven “retail government” public statement. Don Blankenship,Joe Manchin,John Raese Stop hunkering down and simpering quietly about what your political leaders and the mainstream media lackeys are doing to you and your precious communities! Raise a stink and send a link to the following email so I can “up the holler” by promoting it on this blog. I’ll also help spread the word via an e-blast, and notify you of the feedback we receive. 01citizen@gmail.com ———————————————————— *by REAL mountaineers (small “m”) I don’t mean no freaking Fiends of Coal, so let’s get that straight right up front.